The EINSA Foundation was founded in December 2002. That same year, in conjunction with the launch of the United Nations Global Compact, Spanish companies under private law have been invited to assume the protection of the environment in which their business must grow, so this was the case for the Einsa Group and it’s companies.

Einsa Foundation is registered as a Company of Social Services under the certification of Xunta de Galicia, No. E-1697 and as an Entity of voluntary action, under the certification of Xunta de Galicia, No. O-365.

For further information, please visit our new website www.fundacioneinsa.com


Help for Elderly people

In Galicia, the geographic isolation is a complicating factor for an aging population that requires not only the support and care of the family, but also the support of professionals with a good level of competence and empathy. In response to problems, the Foundation has established the following programs:

· Home Assistance Service Program; which provides comprehensive care to people with needs, by providing them with support through charitable social activities, through private actions or under the law actions, sometimes unknown or misunderstood.

· Volunteer program; which, by their action on the field, aim to reduce the isolation of the elderly.

To carry through these programs, the Foundation has a multidisciplinary team who is responsible for assessing the needs of the person preparing the action plan and provides training, coordination, evaluation and monitoring for the assistants (volunteers). All this in a common purpose:

· Avoid ”uprooted” situations from familiar surroundings.
· Prevent or delay the “institutionalization”.
· Ensure coverage of basic needs.
· Alleviate loneliness.
· Establish social resources.
· Support for volunteer helpers..


Children's corner

If empathy is a fundamental pillar in the field of the elderly, creativity and the art of teaching by the game are essential in the world of childhood. Finding professionals trained for educational activities is a relatively easy task, the difficulty relies on finding volunteers who truly love what they do and are capable of plunging into the universe of children at every stage of their evolution.


One of the most common “puzzles” for families with children in age of being at school, is to occupy them during the holidays, the best way possible.

The Einsa Foundation, through its “Summer Camps”, offers workshops adapted to the original phase of development of each group.
You learn to get closer to nature with the workshop “I have my garden, ” to develop and educate their senses, find everyone’s talent with music workshops, art, theater and dance.

Autonomy is encouraged and we value the work with Kitchen Workshops “I have a recipe. ” So many things you can find in these camps that received in 2009 over 100 children divided by half, from July 1st to August 31st.

The activities, adapted to each age brackets, offer opportunities of leadership to the oldest ones and allow strengthening the team spirit.