A strict policy of process integration allows us to maintain the quality standards and the production planning. The whole productive process takes place in our facilities from the receipt of files in prepress, up to the finished product, ready for its distribution.



Prepress works on a remote basis and in real time using the ESKO workflow system, which allows verification and correction of files online, 24 hours a day. Each client has its own personalized access to our WebCenter, streamlining processes and reducing prepress costs of significant form.

With a filming capacity of 1.000 plates a day, our prepress department possesses the Concentric technology of its FLEX RIP. Einsa pioneers the use of this type of raster to achieve the highest industry standards in terms of definition and colour saturation.

Technical specifications:
• FTP (12 MB).
• ESKO workflow. Fastimpose programme.
• Online proofing.
• Remote correction.
• FlexRip–Special rasters:
– Stochastic.
– Hybrid.
– Improvements in pre-press for magazines.
• Duplicated units.
• Fire-protected data security system.
• GMG Colour Proof system.
• ISO 12647 standard colour management.
• Production of 500 plates per day.





The web offset area is the core of EINSA PRINT. The production units operate 24 hours a day seven days a week. The machines are permanently controlled and maintained to guarantee quality levels. The technical specifications of our presses allow us to print from 8 to 96 pages, with a capacity of 340 million pages per day.

Technical Features:
• 1 colour: 80 million pages/day.
• 2 colours: 64 million pages/day.
• 4 colours: 260 million pages/day.
• Formats: DIN A2, A3, A4, A5 and Slim-Jim (small-size A4).
• Finishes on line: A3 Saddle stitching – A4 Gluing.

Web Offset Machines:
• 6 KBA C-618 / 48 pp Duplex / 96 pp.
• 1 Heidelberg Sunday 4000 /64 pp.
• 1 KBA C-818 /64 pp.
• 1 KBA Heat-set C 214 / 16 pp.

Our Sheet fed machines, format 100 x 140 cm and 70 x 100 cm, complement our capacity of printing, reaching 2.000.000 covers and 3.000.000 inserts a day.

Sheet Fed Machines:
• 1 KBA Rapid 142 (100 x 140).
• 1 Heidelberg Speedmaster (70 x 100).

• 1 Varnisher UV Steineman Colibri 74.



EINSA PRINT has 4 perfect bound lines and 2 wire-stitching lines. They all have palletisation and packaging stations online, which means we can produce 600,000 bound products on the binding line and 750.000 on the stitching line per day, correctly packaged for shipment.

As a complement for this range of services, we can also provide a variety of perforation, scoring, die cut and folding options. For special options, we work with a fulfilment partner for all kinds of finishes.

· KOLBUS Binding line with 15 stations.

· MÜLLER MARTINI 2 Binding lines with 32 stations · SITMA 3 Packaging/ink-jetting lines

· STORK 3 Automatic palletisers.

· SITMA.1 Packaging line.

· SITMA.1 Packaging line.


EINSA PRINT possesses a completely automated binding line, being this system a strong and innovative point in the Graphic Industry.



Internal automated logistic system developed to improve the system of management of paper, semi finished and finished products. From the receipt of raw material, all the internal movements are performed with robotic vehicles.

EINSA PRINT carries out the automated management of more than 85,000 tonnes of paper each year, through a 15,000 m2 warehouse with a capacity of 25,000 tonnes. A team of self-guided remote control vehicles manage the inputs and outputs of coils, semi-finished and finished products, speeding up loading and unloading flows.



EINSA PRINT makes regular deliveries to more than 22 countries across the world. Each year, 3000 trucks and 2000 containers pass through Einsa's facilities. Our alliances with specialised logistics providers also mean that we can offer each customer the most direct, flexible and economic solution for each specific case.

The strategic locations of our production facilities, near the two main ports in northern Spain, allows for the choice between transport by sea or by land. In order to maintain our commitments to delivery terms, we apply a “contingency plan” that uses other means of transport as alternatives to the normal routes.

The products are always transported on pallets that have been appropriately protected for international haulage.

At the same time, the customer service department monitors and coordinates each shipment, keeping the customer informed at all times, regardless of the destination.

The Einsa Print integrated process fully improves the shipping times to the principal points of distribution of Spain. The delivery in Madrid supposes 8 hours of traffic and 12 hours for Barcelona.

Deliveries are completed in France in a maximum term of 48 hours, in the United Kingdom, in a maximum of 2 or 3 days, depending on the final destination and the method used.